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"Doug Motel makes "conscious comedy". He makes me laugh and he makes me think." 
-Marianne Williamson
Doug Motel

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Our most inspired ideas and healing come when we are “in the moment”, but how do we access and utilize the power of the present?

A hybrid of Performance and tools for positive change

Doug Motel is an award-winning artist who has been helping creative people to live more presently for more than 20 years.

Participants will have a first-hand experience - as a group and individually - of the very source of their creativity.

The workshop consists of lecture, storytelling, writing and drawing exercises, paired sharing, improvisation games, chanting & singing, guided visualization and experiential exercises all in a lively and fun-filled environment.

Workshop Format

Writing and Drawing
Guided Visualization
Often drug abusers are unable to clearly see their problems and fears. Your performance helped them identify situations in their lives in a humorous setting. There has been nothing but praise and enthusiasm from the residents and staff. I hope you continue to present your wonderful talent to other recovering individuals and return to our Recovery House.

Los Angeles Centers For Alcohol and Drug Abuse (L.A. CADA) - Elinor Gilbert, Executive

Doug has an unusually sensitive and compassionate manner with persons dealing with life-threatening illness or grief. His ability to use humor as a healing tool is evident. We are encouraged by our clients’ response to Doug’s work and intend to offer his workshop again this fall.

Los Angeles Center for Living –Jody Schor, Ed.D, Clinical Director

On behalf of our Social Medicine staff here at Kaiser Permanente, I would like to thank you for your excellent presentation and performance of “MIND SALAD.” It was just what the doctor ordered!

Social work staff members have commented very positively on the workshop – “thought-provoking, very funny, carrying a meaningful message, assisting in transition, stimulating, invaluable, life-enhancing.”

We hope that many an audience will be able to enjoy your talent to use humor as a tool for healing.

Kaiser Permanente - Annemarie Westfall, MSW, Medical Social Worker

It has been a long time since we’ve had such a quick response to one of our offerings…The evaluations turned in by the volunteers were unanimously positive. I am going to recommend that APLA include your and your workshop in a future employee training. Because of you, a group of volunteers has experienced a way to live life more fully. That is a special gift. You and your workshop had the highest possible ratings. The comments included:

“Highly Evolved” “Doug Motel was very caring and a great speaker.” “Inspirational.” “The speaker’s use of humor while helping me to reach inside in regards to the inner voice was most helpful.” “It was a great help to my life.”

AIDS Project Los Angeles - John Sallot, Program Manager


Mind Salad

Nominee: Best Solo Performance - LA Weekly Awards

Shiva Arms

Winner: Theatre LA Ovation Award: Best Writing of a World Premiere Play
Winner: Best Solo Performance - LA Weekly Awards
Nominee: Best Actor Theatre LA Ovation Awards
Nominee: Best Production Theatre LA Ovation Awards


"Like Lily Tomlin, is one of those rare comedians who creates and becomes totally original characters."
-The New York Post

"At once uproariously funny and poignant"
-Daily Variety

"Channeled through writer-performer Doug Motel's quick mind and extraordinary characterizations...Motel animates each of his characters, who illustrate serious flaws in the human condition, with a full personality, his specialty being a perfect ear for dialects."

L.A. Weekly Award Nominee - Best Solo Performance
Pick Of The Week

"Doug Motel thinks funny and that's the first requisite for creating humor....He's a master of dialects...Motel's art is portraiture, and his likenesses are often startling, vocally and visually...His black drag queen guardian angel sparkles, like most of his juicy creations...A delight."



Mind Salad Performance 

The Arts Foundation - Sofia, Bulgaria
August 19th | 8:00 pm

Mind Salad Performance & Workshops

Napa, CA, Sept 2

Mind Salad Performance 

Joshua Tree, CA, Sept 7

Episode #14 Let All Things Be Exactly As They Are

Let All Things Be Exactly as They Are is the prayer that we used when we were in Hawaii for The Retreat Playing The Game Of 2020. Read Full Show Notes →

Episode #13 Asobase Kotoba

In this episode, Doug shares the concept of "asobase kotoba" or "play language." It is a way of expressing the idea that life, at its core, is essentially play. Read Full Show Notes →

Episode #12 1st Anniversary!

Doug shares his adventures during his August vacation and his new direction after the 1st an​niversary of the Podcast. Read Full Show Notes →

Episode #11 Aspirational Therapy

In Episode 11, Doug travels to Naples Florida to visit Paphos Salon, a very mysterious and unique business that helps patients aspire to "be better and do better" by scanning and printing 3-D replicas of them and fixing their imperfections. We meet Dr. Cole Hall and his assistant Bernadette. Read Full Show Notes →

Episode #10 People Problem

In his first remote episode recorded outside of the studio, Doug went to Williamsburg Brooklyn to visit his guests Fritz Wermutstropfen Ph.D. organizer of APEP (Association of Planet Ending Partiers) and "Apophis I" who taught us about the true role of humans in the Universe and about rumors of an asteroid headed for the earth's atmosphere in 2020. Read Full Show Notes →

Episode #9 Awards Season

In this Episode entitled “Awards Season” Doug and guests are glued to Twitter to see if Mind Salad is nominated for any Poddy Mouth, Podcast awards. Guests are: 1980’s TV actress and Dallas guest star, Tatianna Justice and country music star Beau Carmouche’. Callers were Elmer and Bambi. Read Full Show Notes →

Episode #8 Santa's Visit

Someone, calling himself Santa Claus come to visit the podcast studio at Radio Kingston. Doug interviewed him about believing in what you can't see and he learned a valuable lesson. Read Full Show Notes →

Episode #7: Why Is America Divided?

Doug interviews Trump voters like John Swenson from Zeeland, Michigan and Trump haters including New York "Elite" Wesley Vincent Zappatah and B-Movie Star Bambi Morrell. We also hear from call-in guest Philadelphia homemaker Joan Smith. Read Full Show Notes →

Episode #6: Thoughts are Clouds

In this episode, Part II of the conversation from Episode #5, Doug discusses with Guardian Angel Miss Cheryl Lee and entity of fear Mr. Fears, whether or not it is possible for people to truly “live in the now”. Call-in guests include busboy Victor Saltzman and Angelo Scarangella who are struggling with how to have a lasting relationship while Mr. Fears has such a strong voice in their lives. Read Full Show Notes →

Episode #5: Love vs Fear

Doug Motel interviews "Mr. Fears" author of THE POWER OF FEAR and TEACHING SHAME AND GUILT: A PARENT'S GUIDE. His other in-studio guest was "Miss Cheryl Lee" who claims to be an Angel sent to earth in the body of a 6'4" drag queen. Callin guest was "Victor", a busboy at Brew & Burger in New York's Pennsylvania Station. The conversation turned frightening as they discussed the concept of Love versus Fear. Enjoy this scary Halloween episode. Read Full Show Notes →

Episode #4: What Price Fame?

Does fame make you happy? If so at what cost? Doug's guests are movie star Ian Martin ("Captain Britain"), triple threat (actor/singer/dancer) Chauncey Chase Kerr and paparazzo Luigi. A rollicking exploration of the topic of fame. Read Full Show Notes →

Episode #3: Can Music Heal?

Can music heal us? Can we find connection in a world full of disconnect? Doug's guests are the Scottish musician Donal MacLeish and Mr. Martin Bauer who suffers from a very rare disorder called Cognital Disiungitur Musica (or CDM). Read Full Show Notes →

Episode #2: What Is Success?

In this episode, host Doug Motel tries to explore how to measure success with his guests Bobby Speed, Millionaire entrepreneur and creator of the Success Blueprint, cannabis sommelier Obi Wan and 118-year-old Harry Smythe. 9-year-old entrepreneur Jason Kleinhoffer is the call-in guest. Read Full Show Notes →

Episode #1: What is Reality?

In the premiere episode of Doug Motel's Mind Salad, Doug's guests share their insights into the nature of reality. Hear from Physics Professor Dr. Benezet, Flat-earther Jim Pickens, New Jersey call-in guest Joan and Non-Duality teacher Sascha Telar discuss What Is Reality? until something expected and dangerous happens in the studio. Read Full Show Notes →


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